Images of Ferrari’s all-new 458 Spider leaked onto the internet last night thanks to Oldsmoboi on the Cheers and Gears forum.

The Spider is the convertible version of Ferrari’s critically acclaimed 458 Italia, a car which exhausts the usual superlatives used to describe a ‘super car’. I’m not a great fan of convertibles – there are too many downsides when driving above 50 mph and besides, I’d rather not advertise my noggin so openly.

The 458 Spider however would tempt me just to experience more of its aural delights, providing of course Ferrari haven’t messed around with its exhaust bypass valve, as they did with the F430 Spider.

Ferrari 458 Spider - Engine

Judging by these images, the 458 Spider shares the same pronounced hoops behind the seats as the F430 Spider, otherwise the 458 Italia’s supercar looks remain intact.

Rumours emerged a few months ago that the 458 Spider would be fitted with a clever folding hard-top rather than the cloth roof of its predecessor, but we won’t be able to confirm this until we receive official details from Ferrari (or a picture of the 458 Spider with its roof up). The transparent engine cover of the 458 Italia has been replaced by a solid panel, although thankfully the 562bhp 4.5-litre V8 beneath it remains unchanged.

Look out for more details and pictures sometime during the next few weeks, plus the all-important reveal at the Frankfurt motor show on September 13.