Proof, if ever it were needed, that the car industry makes the best ads – Hyundai’s new TV spot for the Veloster is the second this year to feature the Grim Reaper and continues the trend started by Mercedes in showing how technology can be used to cheat death.

Unlike Mercedes spot for the new E-Class, the humour within Hyundai’s ad cuts a little close to the mark for TV audiences and the Hyundai Board subsequently decided not to approve it. See it for yourself and decide whether the Hyundai suits should perhaps lighten up a bit..

Mercedes-Benz E-Class: Sorry

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Commercial featuring the Grim Reaper and Brake Assistance (BAS) Safety. The commercial is entitled “Sorry”.

Hyundai Veloster: Death

The Hyundai Veloster is a remarkable car. It has one door on the left side, and 2 doors on the right. Hyundai asked the creative agency Fitzroy to create a television ad that best conveys the unique virtues of the Veloster. Since the design doesn’t have a clear feature, the team decided to use safety as the main theme.

The commercial was intended to air on Dutch television, but unfortunately the Hyundai board considered it ‘too shocking for the brand’, thankfully the internet has proven a far better medium to spread the message.

And finally..

We couldn’t close without mentioning our favourite (non-car) reaper ad, this time for the Dutch Beer Grolsch – it’s an oldie but very much a classic..