This is the worst part of any car launch, when a car maker slowly teases their new model even though the full reveal is less than 48 hours away.

If you’ve not already seen these pictures, then by all means take a look. Potential customers have already seen the car and are so far keeping quiet about Ferrari’s Enzo successor.

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  • Ferrari-F150-teaseG1

Blog site, Axis of Oversteer, recently published pictures by Ferrari Corse Clienti, Hideki Onda, who attended a private preview.

Ferrari-F150-Hideki-OndaPhoto courtesy of Hideki Onda, via Axis of Oversteer

His photos reveal what we always suspected, namely that F150 is its project name and not the final name for the car. Various guesses have been circulating, including F70 (to mark Ferrari’s 70th anniversary), but I’ll go out on a limb and say a proper name has been chosen like its predecessor, Enzo.

If you’d like to read (and see) more about Ferrari’s ‘Special Limited Series’, then take a look at the following: