I do worry if it’s a case of ‘too little too late’ with the KTM X-Bow, as the new ‘GT’ variant with windows and doors makes its world première at this week’s Geneva Motor Show.

I remember placing an order for an X-Box back in 2007, at a time when we thought it would retail at around £39,000. Then the prices climbed and climbed, until when delivery was finally due we’d have been looking at closer to £60,000.

You can now pay anything from £54,000 for the 240bhp Street to £84,000 for the 300bhp Street ‘R’, but without any form of weatherproofing it remains a track car or fair-weather special.

Enter the new GT, with side doors, a wraparound windscreen and even windscreen wipers – no wonder KTM consider it a ‘Grand Tourer’.

There’s no word yet on what a greenhouse planted on top of the regular X-Bow shape will do for its aerodynamics, nor the resulting price, but any opportunity to enjoy the X-Bow more often, can only be viewed as a good thing.