Porsche’s 911 has put on a bit of weight over the years – well so would you after fifty years. Those hips get a little wider, the chin droops and you carry a few extra pounds, but with age comes experience and fifty years of ‘development’ shows when stood next to your former self.

Although we’ve seen several ‘911 Generations’ pictures over the years (usually at each 10-year anniversary), this is the first time Porsche has exposed the latest model’s added girth in such a transparent photo shoot.

Looks good for its age though, doesn’t it.

  • Porsche-911-50th-Anniversary_G15
  • Porsche-911-50th-Anniversary_G16

The pictures were taken as part of Porsche’s 50th Anniversary celebrations of the 911 which begin next month with four special exhibits at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. From 7th to 10th March, an early-model 911 Turbo Coupé, a 911 Cabriolet study from 1981, a 1997 road-going ‘street’ version 911 GT1 and the pre-series Type 754 T7 will be on show, conveying the versatility of Ferdinand Porsche’s original design.

The company is also sending an authentic 1967 model 911 on a world tour, travelling to five continents where it will be shown in places like Pebble Beach, California, China, Goodwood in the UK, Paris and Australia. The old stager will act as Porsche’s ambassador throughout the year and you can follow its progress on Facebook.

  • Porsche-911-50th-Anniversary_G17
  • Porsche-911-50th-Anniversary_G18

If you’d like to get up close and personal with a range of 911s, then the Porsche Museum will feature a special exhibit between 4th June and 29th September 2013 charting the model’s history. You can even pick up an anniversary book entitled “911×911” produced by the Museum’s own publishing house.

A 50th Anniversary 991 variant is in the works, which is expected to appear at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, the place where the original 911 was first revealed in 1963.