We were beginning to tire of Pagani’s teaser videos of its forthcoming Huayra and it seems we weren’t alone – a magazine spread leaked out on Friday, followed by an official photo and more spreads from the Spanish edition of CAR magazine.

Reaction across the internet has been mixed, with some views expressing disappointment. The world debut of the Huayra will be at the Geneva Motor Show in March, but we’re now likely to see the official reveal sometime within the next week. We’ll reserve judgement until then, but Pagani’s new supercar certainly looks promising.

According to text within the leaked magazine, Pagani are likely to produce up to 20 cars per year, each costing around €1 million (c. £850,000). The 690 bhp Mercedes-powered V12 supercar is said to be capable of 250 mph.

Once we receive more information we’ll see how the Huayra fares against its main competition – we’ve already got a comparison with Lamborghini’s forthcoming LP700-4 in mind. We’ll also make the final video available on SkiddPlayer just as soon as it’s released.

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