GEMBALLA, well know for their outlandish variants of popular Porsche models, has recently released pictures of its latest project the “Gemballa Mistrale”. Based on the Porsche Panamera released earlier this year, it features a more Dynamic and striking design than its “bog-standard” donor car.

Gemballa’s re-design focuses on a new front spoiler, containing larger air inlets which provide its upgraded engine with the required amount of air. The front spoiler is enhanced with a carbon chin spoiler and bonnet featuring ‘ventilation ducts’ all helping to provide the Gemballa Mistrale with that low powerful stance. As well as this, the Mistrale features an all new rear bumper and diffuser, above which sits two recognisable Gemballa Sports exhausts, all smoothly moulding together into a more striking but questionable redesign.

Gemballa upgrades more than just the design of the awkward Panamera, the overall performance of the luxury four-door Porsche has also been improved. Although exact figures and facts about engine output and performance have yet to be released, the car will feature an improved ‘air suspension’ module, lowering the car and its centre of gravity by 40mm. As well as this, Gemballa will offer a height-adjustable coil-over suspension for what they are calling their more ‘ambitious customers’.

The Mistrale will sit upon ultra-light 22 inch alloys wheels, which are perhaps more suited to cruising down the Kings Road than enhancing the Panamera’s dynamics. The brakes have also been upgraded, with a set of 6-piston brake calipers on the front wrapped around massive 420mm brake discs, plus 4-piston calipers on the rear together with 380 mm discs.

We await further news on the Mistrale’s availability and pricing, and we’re sure to see many more tuners offering their own interpretations of Porsche’s new sports saloon.