It’s been almost a decade since BMW’s less-than-diminutive MINI was launched and whilst it has been a tremendously successful model, the traditionalist have never embraced it as a true successor to the classic Issignosis Mini.

Making its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show from next week is the MINI Rocketman Concept, which harks back to the classic Mini in terms of its exterior dimensions, while its technology points to the future of automotive design.

A 3+1-seater with 3 doors and a length of just over 3.4 metres (approx. 11 ft. 3 in.), the MINI Rocketman Concept is a design study to explore more efficient ways of increasing versatility within a subcompact package.

The MINI Rocketman Concept provides the ideal platform for outstanding levels of fuel efficiency, using a drive system which offers the potential for up to 94 mpg.

Wide-opening doors with double-hinge joints and integrated sills facilitate entry into the MINI Rocketman Concept, whilst the lightweight seats are contoured in customary MINI style and can be arranged in a variety of different positions. This allows owners to choose between maximum driving fun two-up, a comfortable amount of room for three occupants, or even an efficient division of space for accommodating four seats.

Luggage capacity can also be flexibly adapted to passenger requirements – the two-part tailgate consists of one section which is attached to the roof and opens extremely high, and a lower section which extends out of the body in the form of a drawer.

MINI describe the Rocketman Concept as offering compact dimensions, in new format, with the usual driving fun. The classic Mini met the needs of urban mobility more comprehensively than any other vehicle before it, while at the same time offering bucket-loads of driving fun and style.

The MINI Rocketman Concept provides a glimpse of the future direction of the brand, delivering maximum interior versatility within the minimum footprint on the road.

Sounds just like a Mini doesn’t it?

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