Jaguar will launch its most powerful ever production car, at the Geneva Motor Show on March 1st.

This all-new XKR-S will broaden the appeal of the XK range combining GT luxury with incredible performance. The XKR-S improves upon the XKR with a more powerful supercharged V8 engine, uprated suspension and a new aerodynamic design.

“The XKR-S is a bold and exciting new model for Jaguar,” said Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar’s new Global Brand Director. “We expect to attract both loyal and new Jaguar driving enthusiasts who still want the comfort, opulence and class only a Jaguar can offer, combined with inspirational performance.”

The XKR-S produces 542 bhp and 680 Nm of torque, enough to propel it up to a top speed of 186mph. Acceleration figures are even more impressive, 0-60mph takes 4.2 seconds, whilst 0-100mph is dismissed in just 8.6 seconds. Meoww..!

The XKR-S is not merely the quickest Jaguar, it’s also the most agile, responsive and driver-focused. Alongside its strong performance, the XKR-S is the only car in its class that emits less than 300g/km CO2.

Bespoke suspension changes to the front and rear offer greater precision, control and driver appeal, while a reprogrammed Adaptive Dynamics system allows the enthusiastic driver to explore the edges of its handling envelope.

We’ll have the full details, images and video when the XKR-S is launched at Geneva next week, plus of course an indication of its price and availability.

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