Following their announcement in December, Aston Martin and Investindustrial have now completed the transaction which brings £150 million of capital investment to the car maker in exchange for a 37.5 per cent equity stake.

The investment underpins a significant new product development programme, which will see more than £500 million (US$800 million) spent in developing its cars and technology over the next five years.


Aston Martin is now supported by three major shareholders, The Investment Dar, which originally bought Aston Martin from Ford in 2007, Adeem Investment and now Investindustrial.

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Investindustrial previously owned Italian motorbike company Ducati, before selling to German car maker Audi for US$1.1 billion earlier this year, earning a 300% return on its original investment. It holds assets under management of around $4 billion, including investments in leading British outdoor brand – Karrimor, Italy’s biggest theme park – Gardaland and satellite services operator – Eutelsat.

The investment company was established in 1990 by the wealthy Bonomi family, which originally amassed its wealth in the construction and industrial manufacturing sectors.

Details of this year’s first quarter results will be announced to bondholders later in May, while judging by rumours published in Autocar, current CEO, Dr. Ulrich Bez, may be stepping down from his executive role and announcing his successor. Dr. Bez, joined Aston Martin in the year 2000 and will turn 70 in November.

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