Not content with producing the fastest supercar from 0-100mph-0, Koenigsegg has confirmed it plans to produce an even quicker model for Chinese dealer FFF, simply named ‘One:1’.

According to up to five models are likely to be produced featuring carbon fibre wheels, a restyled front fascia, more aggressive lower front splitter and a roof-mounted air scoop made of carbon fibre.

The interior of the special edition will receive only minor modifications on top of a typical Koenigsegg Agera – on which it is believed to be based.

Power is rumoured to be in excess of 1300bhp (in a chassis weighing around 1300kg) from the same 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine that propels the 1124bhp Agera R, which should make it the fastest production car in the world – Veyron included.

Koenigsegg claims a top speed of 273mph for the Agera R, together with such otherworldly performance figures such as 0-200 mph in 17.68 sec, so clearly the One:1 will be more suited to aircraft runways than public roads.