Not everyone can travel to Paris to watch all those shiny new cars being launched, so to save you the trip we’ve put together a simple web page to present 3 of the LIVE webcasts from the show, which kicks off tomorrow.

Range Rover is first off the stops with its international launch of the production Evoque. You can watch the 15-minute webcast at 08:30am (BST).

Jaguar are up next. Last week was Jaguar’s 75th Anniversary and the passionate folk from Coventry would like to share their plans for the next… erm, 75 years. You can watch their 15-minute webcast at 08:45am

Finally, we’ve got the broadcast from Lotus Cars – which is shrouded in far greater secrecy. We know that the Evora S and Evora Auto will be on the stand in Paris alongside a yet unannounced new model. Lotus have been counting down to the event for the past 100 days and you can catch the big news live on our Paris webcast page at 15:45pm BST.

Last but not least – and not included in our live webcasts – is Lamborghini’s launch of the Sesto Elemento, which will be at 07:45am CET (clashing with Jaguar’s webcast!). We’ll not know which way to look, but don’t worry since we’ll be re-running these webcasts throughout the day and providing edited clips over on SkiddPlayer.

It’s going to be a busy day, so it’s good to know that you only need to check out our Paris Motor Show page. See you there.