We’ll admit to being slightly baffled at first by Nissan’s new speed record, after all, Bentley holds the production car record on ice at 205.48 mph with its Continental Supersports Convertible, but that was a ‘world’ record whereas this is a ‘Russian’ record.


To save you scrolling to the end of the video, drivers Roman Rusinov and Andrey Leontjev take a stock Nissan GT-R at 184mph across the frozen Baikal Lake in Russia.

The ice is 1.4 metres thick and the temperature -22 degrees celsius, but even if there’s little risk of it cracking under the GT-R’s weight there’s a very real likelihood of getting blown off course (at 184mph!).

Russian race car driver, Roman Rusinov, describes the experience, “..the slightest gust of wind makes the car lose the track and for the full 7 kilometres you are fighting against the power of nature.”

Nissan and LAV Productions used the record to demonstrate the 542bhp GT-R’s all-wheel drive capability, which leaves the door ‘wide’ open for someone to steal the GT-R’s crown in an equally powerful two-wheel drive vehicle. Good luck.