For now it’s just a concept car, but in time we expect the ‘Z to be replaced by a ‘go’. Its design is influenced by the world of furniture, which at first seems somewhat odd, but in fact is borne from Renault’s desire to break through the boundaries of traditional car interior designs.

The Twin’Z concept is a rear-wheel drive city car, powered by a rear-mounted electric motor. Despite being only 3,627mm in length the Twin’Z features four light-weight seats, designed to make passengers feel very much part of the travelling experience.

The word ‘play’ appears ten times in Renault’s press release, which is clearly how Renault see Twin’Z appealing to its eventual owners. Through recent concepts such as DeZir, Captur, R-Space, Frendzy and now Twin’Z Renault’s design strategy reflects the notions of ‘Love’, ‘Exploration’, ‘the Family’, ‘Work’, and ‘Play’.

The Twin’Z is Renault’s response to MINI, Fiat’s 500 and Vauxhall/Opel’s Adam, opening up a world of personalisation options in a way which the Twingo never has.

Inspired by the Renault 5 and Twingo, the Twin’Z combines simplicity of design with sophisticated digital systems. The concept sits on 18-inch wheels and is coloured blue to reflect the Earth as seen from space.

Weighing in a 980kg and powered by a 67bhp/167lb-ft electric motor, the Twin’Z reaches a top speed of 81mph with a range of 100 miles. The concept’s bodywork is made of carbon fibre and its chassis features MacPherson struts up front, double wishbones at the rear and adjustable Ohlins dampers.