There is a certain inevitability with Porsche, that some owners find reassuring – twelve months or so after a new 911 is launched, Porsche Exclusive will release the Powerkit and Aerokit upgrades. The best just became better.

You can just imagine the executives at BMW, Audi and Aston Martin hanging their heads in resignation to the inevitable runner-up position in group tests.

The powerkit developed for the 911 Carrera S, focuses specifically on the dynamic properties of the car, boosting the 3.8-litre boxer engine from 394bhp to 424bhp. In turn, the 911 Carrera S Coupé now only needs 4.0 seconds to sprint from zero to 62mph (with PDK in Sport Plus mode) while top speed climbs to 191 mph (mit PDK) or 193 mph when fitted with a seven-speed manual gearbox.

Despite a power increase of more than seven per cent, fuel consumption remains unchanged, this is accomplished by a series of carefully tuned modifications to the engine management system. A new central radiator keeps the six-cylinder engine operating in its optimum temperature range.

The core ingredients of the Powerkit include special cylinder heads with different camshafts and an entirely new variable resonance intake system design with six air flaps and a resonance flap.

Lower exhaust back pressure is achieved thanks to a new sport exhaust system that’s equipped with two sets of twin tailpipes. At the press of a button, the exhaust system is de-throttled, the two exhaust lines are merged and they generate a more powerful engine sound. The Powerkit also includes the Sport Chrono package with dynamic engine mounts.

Visually, the Powerkit can be spotted on a 911 by the unique styling of the engine compartment, with a titanium coloured engine cover and carbon inlays.

* * *

If the subtlety of a trick-looking engine isn’t enough, then there’s always Porsche’s Aerokit to make your 911 stand out from the crowd.

The new Aerokit for the 991 includes a deeper front apron with powerful air intakes from the Sport Design package. At the opposite end is a fixed rear spoiler in the legendary “ducktail” form, whilst in addition owners can choose a further fixed rear wing over the rear spoiler and a special front spoiler lip with additional air intakes.

Other new Porsche Exclusive products for the 911 Carrera include tinted privacy glass for the side and rear windows and a special ‘Exterior Package’ with the choice of various components in body colour. Inside, Porsche Exclusive also offers numerous upgrades and decorative trim, ranging from brushed aluminium finishes to carbon weave.