If there’s a limit to how far Rolls-Royce will go in building a bespoke motor car then CEO, Torsten Müller‑Ötvös, hasn’t found it yet. The Celestial Phantom is the latest in a long line of one-off cars launched at today’s Dubai International Motor Show.

“The Middle East is the largest market for Bespoke in the world and in celebration of this we sought to create something truly special for the Dubai International Motor Show,” said Müller‑Ötvös.

“Every Rolls‑Royce is crafted with only the finest materials, so we chose to extend the Celestial Phantom’s starry night theme with one of the rarest and most precious commodities in the world.”

The 446 diamonds have been meticulously hand-set into the door-cappings, centre console lid and rear-privacy divider. While fine glass particles have been blended into the paint to achieve an alluring sense of depth and light, matching the starry night theme inside.


The attention to detail is extraordinary – the night-sky constellation arrangement was verified by the South Downs Planetarium to ensure its authenticity, while the position of the stars are exactly as they were at midnight on 1 January 2003 – on the day when the very first Phantom was handed over to its owner.

The effect was created by over a thousand fibre optic lights hand-woven into the Celestial Phantom’s headlining, which is hand-stitched to subtly map out the constellations.

Given the ‘space’ needed to accommodate the Planetarium-look, Rolls-Royce have built the Celestial on a special Phantom Extended Wheelbase.

After all the glitz of its headliner, it feel a little mundane to note that the Celestial Phantom comes with bespoke glassware in its drinks cabinet and a picnic set with plates made by celebrated porcelain maker Nymphenburg, while its leather is coloured a ‘Dusk’ hue, alluding to the inky quality of a cloudless night sky.

Finally, the wheel centres are engraved with the Celestial motif, while an uplit Spirit of Ecstasy figurine hints at the car’s ethereal theme.