Seat have launched a campaign to promote their latest Ibiza model, that plays upon the idea that everyone who sees the car to fall in love with it. Appearing across online, TV and the printed media the multi-million pound campaign will run well into 2010 and will also feature on 4,000 bus stop billboards in the UK as well as print ads in glossy lifestyle titles such as Empire, Q, Heat, Closer and Now.

The adverts were filmed over the course of five nights in the central business district of Johannesburg in South Africa and use the latest computer-generated imagery, plus super-slow motion cameras, to create the unique pictures we’ll see on our screens.

Fully exploiting the growing influence of digital social media, SEAT’s winged love warrior will be starting his own Facebook page while ‘viral’ videos of both the TV advert and an interview with its main character will be appearing on YouTube.

Take a look at the TV advert in the video above, and then let us know whether cupid’s arrow is likely to reach you or perhaps the idea of a butch angel wearing ‘love tattoos’ is more likely to send you in the opposite direction..

Seat's Cupid campaign

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