Spyker Cars N.V. have always shied away from convention in favour of their own unique style, whether that be their decision to run an F1 team or the way they design and engineer their road cars. Moving from Zeewolde in Holland to Coventry in England, might seem another strange decision, however Coventry is home to CPP (Manufacturing) Ltd, who have been a supply partner to Spyker since their inception in 2000.

Victor R. Muller, CEO of Spyker Cars stated: “In these challenging times, a small manufacturer like Spyker has to find ways to reduce costs as well as improve its efficiency. By relocating vehicle assembly to CPP (Manufacturing), which was Spyker’s very first contracting partner at the inception of our company in 2000 and has been one of our most trusted partners ever since, we secure the future of our business”.

“With approximately half of our vehicles’ parts and components sourced in the UK, and virtually all key suppliers being located there, moving closer to our suppliers and engineering partners will result in substantial savings and tangible efficiency improvements”.

Of the 135 people employed by Spyker in the Netherlands, approximately 45 jobs will be directly affected. Engineering, Corporate staff functions,
Sales, After-Sales, Marketing and “Spyker Squadron”, the company’s Works’ GT race team, will remain in Zeewolde, however Management will continue its efforts to reduce costs and maintain survival of the company as markets emerge from this recent recession.

Good news for UK suppliers, but troubling times for Spyker and its staff. Let’s hope we see many more unique models emerging from the factory in Coventry and that the Dutch sports car maker thrives at its new production home.