Last week we saw the video of reigning Formula One World Champion, Sebastian Vettel together with Infiniti’s Shiro Nakamura as they cooked up something special for the Frankfurt Show, and now Infiniti have released the first image of their collaboration.

If you were expecting something super-sporty – perhaps the rumoured Infiniti-badged version of Nissan’s GT-R, then you may be a little disappointed to see a blinged FX in the picture above.

Perhaps it’s not such a surprise though, Vettel runs an FX 50 himself and is known to be a fun of Infiniti’s 2-tonne SUV.

The Infiniti FX Vettel Edition will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 13 September and let’s hope there’s a little more to it than a set of 21″ wheels.

Vettel demonstrates an Infiniti FX