Sure, it isn’t a new world record by an Italian supercar that bends what is road legal to the breaking point, but Subaru’s WRX STi has gone round the Nordschleife in 7:55 and Subaru have made some videos to tell us all about it.

Often when you view laps of the ‘Ring they’re poorly shot and grainy affairs that are saved by their content rather than their production quality.  Subaru however when they decided to put their 2010 WRX STi to the German test decided to not only bring in four time WRC champion Tommi Mäkinen but then also make a series of seven videos about the feat.

The Mak is back ...

The first video sees an interview with the softly spoken Finn as he speaks about how this project came together and his thoughts on the 2010 WRX STi as Subaru revert back to the saloon shape of earlier models.   Mäkinen is admittedly a better driver than he is a public speaker, but it’s always nice to hear ex-racers still have a passion for driving long after they retire from the racing scene.

The full onboard lap is available to view on SkiddPlayer

The lap itself sees Mäkinen tear around the course comfortably under eight minutes, pushing the all wheel drive car to its very limits.  The video features a non-intrusive digital rev counter, Gs and gear display, throttle and brake bars plus current speed.  The map of the track also helps you get your bearings as the Finn carries corner speeds most track day heroes could only dream of.  Judging by the number of crunching 5th to 2nd gear changes we’ll assume this isn’t Mäkinen’s daily driver …

Then take some time to enjoy some lovely aerial views of the track

Following this there are a series of interesting videos with the Japanese engineers from Subaru as they talk about the philosophy of the Impreza and their experiences of the Nürburgring.  Despite the cheesy narration voice there is some interesting information packed into these snappy clips as well as some lovely aerial shots and use of graphics – for example stating how the total elevation change of the Nürburgring is equal to the Eiffel Tower from top to bottom.

The series is well worth checking out whether you’re a Subaru fan or not, it’s just nice to see well produced clips of most people’s favourite strip of tarmac in the world.  Also, isn’t it a welcome relief to see a standard car (bar roll cage and rally seatbelts) set a very strong lap time that you can actually go out and buy?

Subaru Impreza WRX STi - 7:55:00

As you’ll see in the videos, the top speed Mäkinen reached on his lap is 255km/h, which compares to the 280-300km/h top speed many of the cars around this lap time set – a lap demonstrating the art of cornering speed, then.  Well done Mäkinen and Subaru.

Click to view the videos on SkiddPlayer:

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