I heard on the grapevine this morning that motorsport writers, David Tremayne and Joe Saward have joined Ansar Ali and Tony Fernandes on the board of Caterham Group.

Caterham F1 chief designer Mike Gascoyne was promoted last month to the post of CTO (Chief Technical Officer) for the Norfolk-based group. Gascoyne will be responsible for proposing and coordinating key technical initiatives in Caterham Group’s motorsport activities (F1 and GP2), Caterham Cars, Caterham Composites and Caterham Technology & Innovation.

David and Joe at the Suzuka GP in 2011. Photo courtesy of Kate Walker.

According to Companies House, the appointed directors of Caterham Cars Group Limited are now;

  • Mr Mark Duncan Edwards
  • Mr David John Tremayne
  • Mr Riad Asmat
  • Mr Jonathan Mark Christopher Saward
  • Mr Ansar Ali
  • Mr Graham Alastair MacDonald
  • Mr Anthony Francis Fernandes
  • Mr Kamarudin Bin Meranun DATO

The nature of Saward and Tremayne’s roles in Caterham are as yet unknown, but one would assume Joe will announce something on his popular F1 blog during the next few days. Both writers publish the GP+ e-magazine, known for its speedy release just hours after each grand prix.

Photo credit: Kate Walker