We love dirty V8 NASCARs, anti-lag Group B monsters, flame-spitting 24Hr race cars, killer coupes and anything fast, ferocious and frivolous here at ROAD.

But we’ve also got one eye on the future.. quite possibly free of Super and 110RON race fuel.

So, to reflect on this prospect, welcome to an issue of eco, green, EV and 21st century cars – our future, like it or not!

But this utopian future doesn’t have to be dull, as the three cars this month should conclusively prove.

Thanks to www.greencardesign.com we’ve got a fabulous cover story on the 911 GT2-slaying Tesla Roadster – which has reached the end of production, making way for the Model S.

Gemma Scott reviews the feisty Fiat 500 TwinAir.

And dull is one thing this sleek, sexy, swift all-electric supercar certainly is not: 0-60 mph in 3.7secs, 288 bhp/295 lb-ft on tap, with one gear of seamless acceleration matched by an ‘ice cool’ image.

We introduce TV presenter, Gemma Scott to our road test clan, giving the award winning feisty Fiat 500 TwinAir a run out – proving that efficient petrol cars aren’t quite dead, and that some seriously good things do come in small packages.

And we’ve got the wacky all-electric Mitsubishi i-MiEV city car on test, which petrol-head-ed Phil Royle is surprised by – but in a good way.

Finally, Neil Cole’s column this month tells the brilliant tale of a spin in Dani Sordo’s hybrid WRC car. Hilarious as ever.

Do enjoy this latest ‘eco’ issue of ROAD and make sure to share us with your friends.