Hyundai will reveal the new turbocharged version of its 1+2 door Veloster sports coupe at next week’s Geneva motor show, after we first saw it appear in one of the car maker’s Super Bowl ads last month, called “Cheetah”.

Initially developed for the U.S. market with 198 bhp, Hyundai’s European Technical Centre in Rüsselsheim, Germany chose to retune the engine in favour of low-end torque, so over here in Europe we get just 183 bhp but a peak torque of 270Nm (up from 265Nm).

Tony Whitehorn, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor UK, commented: “UK drivers tend to prefer more torque from a lower engine speed, so our European engineers have specified a set-up that still provides a substantial increase in power – up from 140 ps to 186 ps – while also delivering the desired low-end torque. The resulting package is very competitive against the performance of competitors such as VW Scirocco and Vauxhall Astra.”

The new engine uses an air-guided intercooler, direct fuel injection system and dual CVVT, with a bed plate and a serpentine auxiliary belt adopted for enhanced engine reliability. Accelerating from 0-60 mph takes just 8.4 seconds for the manual version (1.3 seconds quicker than the regular Veloster).

The Veloster Turbo is fitted with a quicker-ratio steering rack than the standard car, improving cornering, feedback and control, whilst European cars receive a suspension set-up tuned specifically for our ‘more dynamic’ expectations.

The driving experience is further enhanced by a sport-tuned engine intake and exhaust, with the trapezoidal centre tailpipes of the normally-aspirated Veloster replaced with two larger free-flowing circular pipes, delivering a more sporty sound.

Pricing, CO2 emissions and fuel economy figures for the new Veloster Turbo will be announced nearer to its launch in the UK this Summer.