Unless you’ve been living under a stone during the past week, you’ll probably be aware that the Iceman (Kimi Räikkönen) ventured on to the Top Gear set on Wednesday, to set a lap time in the ‘Reasonably Priced Car’ around the legendary Dunsfold Top Gear test track.

Kimi’s Lotus F1 Team have obtained a 90-second preview of the show, to whet your appetite, with Kimi at the wheel of the well-worn (but awesome) Suzuki Liana. The time to beat is 1.44.0 seconds set by Sebastian Vettel, but with the top 6 times spanning less than 0.7 seconds it’s by no means certain that the Iceman will grace the top half of the league table.

After being let loose in the front wheel drive family runabout, Kimi declared it ‘better than expected’, after he explored the Liana’s gut-renching levels of adhesion.

The full program will be on BBC TWO this Sunday at 20:00 UK time.

Photo credit: Lotus F1 Team