Gear-heads come from many different paths and backgrounds, but we like to think we know all the major ones. However Daniel Simon, the brilliant German concept designer, is perhaps the most influential car designer you’ve never heard of.

Don’t think you know his work? Well how about those amazing vehicles used in Disney’s movie, Tron Legacy – he designed those. Or the world’s fastest road car? Yeah, Daniel was a Senior Designer at Bugatti, so he spent a lot of time creating the form we now know as the Veyron.

In addition to complete vehicles Daniel also enjoys designing the livery of the most dramatic race cars, including last year’s F111 HRT and more recently the Lotus LMP2 challenger, run by former Hispania Racing Team Principal, Colin Kolles.

Staying faithful to both the legendary black and gold livery and the current Lotus Design, the Lotus LMP2 impresses with its functional simplicity.

“Racing is passion in every detail. One of them is how the car connects from the track to the fans. That’s the role of a livery. It’s how most people describe and remember a race car. Especially with Lotus. Endurance racing is amongst the most prestigious motorsport events, injected with a star-studded history, heroic tales and tragedies. It’s a dream coming true to be involved. We created a unique car. A beautiful Lotus,” said Simon.

He really is the master of sensationally dramatic vehicles and he makes you wonder what could be achieved if supplied with the kind of budget used to build a complete car.

* * *

Now he’s turned his hand to creating the official video for the Lotus LMP2 programme, filmed during the inaugural race of the 2012 FIA World Endurance Championship at the 12 Hours of Sebring.

The Lotus LMP2 uses the new Lola B12/80 LMP2 Coupe as its base, powered by a 3.6-litre V8 Lotus engine and compliant with the new regulations for the FIA World Endurance Championship.

The car is fitted with an Xtrac gearbox with pneumatic paddle shift system and Carbon brakes with AP Racing six-piston callipers. The complete car, including engine, weighs just 900 kg.

The car, driven by Thomas Holzer, Mirco Shultis and Luca Moro, finished in 6th place in the LMP2 category and 10th overall at the team’s very first endurance race, so clearly it’s as fast on the track as it looks on the drawing board.

Photo credits: Lotus, Daniel Simon/Cosmic Motors

More information: Lotus LMP2 website