Promotional videos nearly always end up looking awkward, with their stilted dialogue, unfeasible storylines and the kind of acting by sportsmen that make it obvious why a career on Vaudeville will never be in their future.

This latest piece of content by Puma is no exception. Featuring Mercedes F1’s Nico Rosberg and Argentinean international striker Sergio Agüero, the premise behind the video is of an over-confident footballer who reckons he’s better than a F1 driver (don’t they all?), who turns up at Donington Park circuit to show what he can do.

First out behind the wheel of a regular Mercedes C63 AMG Saloon is Nico Rosberg, who pootles around more slowly than most sales reps on the M25, meanwhile Agüero seems distracted and bored, texting with his phone and generally acting like spoiled kid.

They return to the pits, swap into an AMG Driving Academy car – complete with roll cage – which Agüero drives on track, before swapping into a previous generation DTM Mercedes C-Class which Rosberg then uses to show the upstart what driving fast is really like.

As you’d expect, Rosberg is more than a little nervous about accompanying Agüero, while Agüero is stunned by Rosberg’s prowess in a full-on race car.

There, I’ve saved you having to watch it all..