Sauber’s new 2013 car, the C32, looks slimmer, smoother (thanks to removal of the C31’s stepped nose) and sports a brand new colour scheme, so you’ll have no problem spotting it out on the track.

The team’s drivers are all new too. Nico Hülkenberg joined from Sahara Force India, while Esteban Gutiérrez graduates from GP2 after finishing third in the standings. Robin Frijns takes on simulator duties as the team’s official reserve and test driver.

The sidepods of the C32 are notably slimmer than the Formula One norm up to now and are responsible for giving the new car a very distinctive look. “The airflow in this area has a major influence over everything that happens at the rear of the car, and the compact rear gives Sauber’s aerodynamicists more scope to optimise rear air flow.



The C32’s rear axle is also new, said to further improve tyre management and allow the drivers to extract more performance during qualifying. While the C31 was kind to its tyres in the race, sometimes it struggled to build heat in its tyres during qualifying, the C32 is designed to address this issue.

“We have set ourselves lofty goals with the Sauber C32-Ferrari, and I’m confident that we’ll be able to meet them. The C31 gave us a very good basis, to which we’ve made further improvements. Our aim is to line up for 2013 with a car that is competitive from the first race, but which also offers extensive potential for further development,” said Sauber F1 Team’s Chief Designer, Matt Morris.