Infiniti USA and marketing agency Campfire have launched a new kind of interactive campaign for the new Q50 saloon. Rather than the usual mouse-click form of engagement, users engage with the characters via mobile phone conversations.

To join in simply call 877-777-3785 to receive a sync code, which you then use to interact with the on-screen characters.

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The producers describe it as ‘responsive’ film because it adapts to each viewer depending on their spoken interactions. The experience combines cinematic narrative with the latest natural language processing systems, so that viewers need only speak via their mobile phones to alter the course of the story.

Let’s hope the storyline doesn’t backfire on Infiniti because at first glance it doesn’t sound very inspiring.

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  • Infiniti-Q50-Deja-View_G1


“Deja View” re-counts the story of a couple driving in their Infiniti Q50, unsure of who and where they are and whom to trust. They’re also unsure of who they are running from or to.

Presumably they’ll find good use for the Q50’s InTouch Navigation system?

As with most ads of this type, the product (Infiniti’s Q50) will most likely save the day or at least make it easier for the characters to find their way to safety.

The founders of Campfire are better known for creating The Blair Witch Project, and have gone on to apply their immersive storytelling approaches for other brands and film promotions.

The Blair Witch Project became a sensation long before the film reached theatres, which is something Infiniti USA will be hoping they achieve with the Q50.