To celebrate the remarkable statistic that FIAT have sold 500,000 of their updated iconic 500 model in just 31 months, FIAT are inviting 1500 owners and fans to submit pictures of themselves to make up a mosaic for a one off FIAT 500 to be showcased around the world.

70% of the places available are reserved for FIAT 500 owners only, with the remaining 30% to be taken by fans and celebrities.  You can send your application and photo to appear on the special one off 500 at the special 500 millesima website.

FIAT tells us after this submission stage is completed, the show car will be presented three weeks afterwards to be showcased around the world at various special events and international motor shows.

We love this scheme, it’s fun and quirky and in keeping with the philosophy of one the great recent success stories of car production.

Do tell us if you’re one of the lucky ones who has their face immortalised in this one-off production.