If you’ve read any of my recent articles then you’ll know that I’m full of admiration for Lotus’ out-of-the-box mindset to reinvent their brand and widen its appeal to new audiences.

It’s something of a herculean task these days to run a profitable car company serving a ‘niche’ audience, whilst also remaining mainstream, and upsetting a few traditionalists is a great way to get your brand talked about, but like most enthusiasts I can’t help pondering the question, “what would Colin do?” whenever I see the latest product of Lotus’ New Era thinking.

The ‘Colin’ I refer to is the late Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus and proponent of the ‘less is more’ philosophy when it came to optimising the road and race cars which carried his name. Chapman believed that if something didn’t add to the performance or driving experience of his cars then it didn’t belong on them, so Lotus new ‘product customisation’ programme would surely baffle him.

Lotus entitled their press release, 'Is it always wise to customise?' Further adding the reasoning, Why: Because we can. And because we know you’re curious……

Last week several publications were wrong-footed by leaked images of the Evora, leading them to believe Lotus were readying a facelift, but instead Lotus have said this a taste of their future product customisation plans, merely the first toe in the water and a showcase of the potential future of its cars. Gulp.

The model on show at Geneva next month will include this customised Evora produced together with Mansory and will be on display from 2.15pm on Tuesday 1st March 2011, at the Lotus stand (Hall 1, Stand 1031).

If recent history is anything to go by, we’d expect a few more examples of Lotus’ customisation plans to turn up, so make sure you check out the stand if you’re planning on attending.

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