The city of Novgorod (“new city”) located just 100 miles from St. Petersburg is one of Russia’s most historic cities, having been declared a World Heritage Site back in 1992. With a population the size of Northampton and a thriving tourism industry, they like to keep their streets safe especially over the holiday season.

But for 4 day period over Christmas, local residents were shocked by the tactics used to support the city’s Don’t Drink & Drive campaign. A billboard was erected with a realistic body wedged mid-way through and a steering wheel in its hands. The body was surrounded by splashes of blood, and accompanied by the message: “It could be your body.”

One resident posting on was considering legal action against the council after his 13 year old daughter was traumatised when passing the sign during the late evening.

Seems rather a blunt instrument to deal with a complicated issue and we hear that the campaign may have caused more accidents that it was designed to avoid.


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