If you regularly need to exceed 155mph on your commute to work*, then you’ll find Jaguar’s optional new Speed Pack for the XFR an absolute godsend.

By raising the speed limit of the XFR to 174mph you’ll now be able to reduce each mile of your journey by a whole 4.2 seconds, meaning that for an average 30 mile commute, you could stay in bed an extra 2 minutes each morning..

If that sounds as pointless to you as it does to me, then perhaps Jaguar can tempt you with the suspension and aerodynamic enhancements that are included when you select the £2,750 Speed Pack.

The 503bhp XFR Speed Pack car is equipped with revised engine and gearbox calibration to match the increased top speed, while a new front aero splitter and rear wing distinguish the Speed Pack car from the humble 155mph standard car.

Economy and emissions remain unchanged (although clearly reaching a 19mph higher top speed is not penalty free), due to the same combination of eight-speed automatic gearbox and Intelligent Stop/Start, which now deliver 11% better fuel consumption and 8% less emissions than its predecessor.

If a faster, meaner looking XFR sounds like the car you’re looking for, you can order one at your nearest Jaguar dealer for £68,130 on the road.

* Obviously we’re not condoning excessive speed, which driving at 155mph+ on a public road would certainly qualify as.