Another day passes and yet another car-based iPhone App is launched, this time from Toyota Sweden. Can a simple glass of water lower your fuel consumption by 10%? Yes, say Toyota.

Aggressive acceleration and braking wastes fuel and by the simple act of planning your journey and driving calmer, you use less fuel and emit less CO2. That’s the simple key to eco-driving.

But where’s the fun in that…!? Well, those clever folk at Toyota have thought of a solution to that too.

Saatchi & Saatchi Sweden and Toyota help drivers cut their fuel consumption with the new Glass of Water iPhone app. The app mimics a glass of water placed on a car's dashboard and challenges users to not spill a drop. Toyota estimate that the gentler driving style encouraged by the app would help consumers lower their fuel consumption by 10 percent, resulting in the lowering of CO2 emissions by 2 million tons a year.

On the website nollutslä Toyota invites Swedish drivers to join in the 10%-challenge by competing against their friends, neighbours and colleagues using their specially designed iPhone App.

They invite users to download the app ”A Glass of Water” for the iPhone, which reacts to your driving as if you had an actual glass of water on your dashboard; accelerate too fast or brake too suddenly and you will spill water. It also shows your route on a Google map, distance, driving time, average speed, idle time and water spill in centilitres. Of course you can participate in the 10%-challenge without the app and register your results manually – we’re not sure why you’d do so, but maybe it appeals to the same people who enjoy playing air guitar…

If you really, really like the idea of trying hard not to spill an imaginary glass of water – then you can find out more on the ‘A Glass of Water’ website, but we accept no responsibility for any spillages that occur when using this app… including tears when the other non-eco drivers take issue with your slothfulness.

I can’t help be tempted by the idea of seeing how much water I could spill when I really try! If that sounds like a more appealing way to use the App, then post your achievements below…

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Steve Davies

Steve is an investor, private equity advisor and former Partner at KPMG, PwC and Bain.   Most importantly he's a life-long car enthusiast, mountain biker and active sports enthusiast. He designs and builds technology platforms and is the architect behind Transmission.

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