Toyota Yaris – not the easiest car to promote in a market crowded with standout superminis. Mainstream stalwarts include the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa and Volkswagen Polo, whilst even entry-level versions of the Volkswagen Beetle or BMW MINI might feature on the same shopping list as Toyota’s sensible hatchback.

Even though Toyota are targeting a more youthful, male audience, most reviewers have praised the new Yaris’ level of standard equipment and 100,000 mile/5-year warranty, rather than its performance, handling or design. So Toyota’s ad campaign has sought to focus on the features offered by new Yaris which aren’t normally available in its class.

It also won’t have escaped your attention how the ads are presented – by fictional rapper Gadget Master and his sidekick Slick. Thankfully this final ad in the series focuses more on what the Yaris can do, rather than try to convince us of its street cred.

With an increasing number of drivers downsizing to smaller cars, Toyota’s trump card is its clever new ‘Touch & Go’ multimedia control system which provides full map satellite navigation and access to a range of connected information services via a dedicated Toyota customer portal.

Which is the theme behind Toyota’s latest TV ad, “All New Yaris vs Hungry Girlfriend”.

If you can’t impress the little lady with your driving prowess or traffic-light performance, then perhaps you can offer her a quick response to her rumbling tummy – “Feed the belly or you’ll be sorry..”, “But, can you do this.. Boom! Munchy time..”

Let’s hope Toyota don’t end up alienating their female customers by making their dietary woes the most memorable feature of these ads.

If you’re hooked on the ad’s catchy rap tune, then you might be pleased to hear there are more than 100 shout-out videos, made along a similar theme to last year’s highly-successful Old Spice social video campaign.

Each 45-second video recorded by the ad’s main characters, is in response to suggestions made on Toyota UK’s facebook page, with shout-outs about anything from ‘Mouldy Pizzas’ to ‘Missing Cookies’.

It’s been an interesting campaign, but will it have changed the typical male car buyer’s perception of the Yaris? Only time will tell.

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