You’ve got to hand it to Jaguar, despite last week’s leaked photo of the new F-TYPE, they’ve stuck resolutely to their launch schedule, releasing teaser videos (above) and reminding us that all will be revealed in Paris on Wednesday (26th).

The situation is akin to a Burlesque dancer, showing enough to tease but not excite, while at the same time audiences have been provided with x-ray specs that literally reveal all. No wonder everyone is applauding..

Jaguar has continued tweeting countdown images, despite the new F-TYPE being already fully revealed.

The video shows the F-TYPE modestly disguised by a light show with sounds of its new supercharged V6 engine purring in the background.

Of course we already know what it looks like, and with these latest images we can also see how it looks from the inside.

We will need to wait until Wednesday before we can make complete sense of what these new images show us.

There looks to be some sort of moveable rear wing at the rear, while we also note the differing exhaust treatment on the steel gray and red convertibles – presumably the smaller quad exhausts are fitted to V6 models, and the two bazooka-like centre exhausts distinguish the supercharged V8.

All will be revealed of course in less than 48 hours (unless somebody beats Jaguar to it).

The centrally mounted twin exhausts are likely to depict this as the 400bhp+ supercharged 5.0-litre V8 version of the F-TYPE.

The F-Type will be launched as a strict two-seater – initially in convertible form, with a choice of three petrol engines – 335bhp and 375bhp versions of Jaguar’s all-new 3.0-litre supercharged V6, and a new derivative of its existing supercharged 5.0-litre V8 with more than 400bhp. Pricing is believed to start from £55,000 with deliveries due to begin from mid 2013.